The Cousins

Welcome to our podcast!

HOME with The Cousins is going to cover anything under your roof, and sometimes out in the yard.  We will be sharing our knowledge from many a past construction project in the hopes of helping you save time, money, and heartache when it comes to your own project. Talking home tech and gadgets, maintenance, design, and everything in-between.

As with all things we do, we will be taking a light hearted approach and encouraging conversation along the way.

We will also be bringing in some well known designers and contractors to add their points of view and wealth of knowledge to what we are hoping will be a fun, entertaining, and educational conversation.

See you on the inter webs,


PS - hit us up on Twitter with any show comments, questions, requests or criticisms:

@CarrinoAnthony | @ColaneriJohn


Photo by: Greg Pallante