Friends of the Show

Friends of ours that are doing some great work...


Bert Kreischer

The man who pushed us to get this done. A big thanks for all the encouragement and advice Bert!

For those of you who might not know him, he's absolutely hysterical, and one of the best storytellers you'll ever listen to...if you haven't heard The Machine story you should see him live or check out his Showtime Special.

The Bertcast

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Michael Ventura

Host and Co-Creator of the Applied Empathy podcast, Michael has created a monthly speaker series that explores the contexts and behaviors in which empathy flourishes in the creative process. Each event features exemplary leaders who integrate empathic thinking into their creative and working lives. The dynamic individuals presented every month will explore a unique theme, facilitated through a moderated conversation and dialogue with attendees.

Applied Empathy Podcast

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Tim Struby & Chris Drummond

Co-hosts and old friends Chris Drummond and Tim Struby have been debating race for nearly two decades. No tiptoeing around topics here. So pull up a chair and check your judgments at the door. Because when it comes to race relations, everything is black and white.

Race Relations