Ep11 - Interview with Josh Temple


Show Notes:
In this episode of the podcast we are talking to Mr. Josh Temple.  Josh is a self-taught carpenter who took an unusual path to finding passion and value in the trades...including walking out of his first job while getting the office tour on day 1.

He is proof positive that you can teach yourself anything you put your mind to, and he is a huge advocate for the trades.

Here are links Josh's socials:

and here are the links to the Boystown project we were discussing:

A note from Josh on Boystown:
To give you a short version, I’ve been working with Boys Town for over 4 years.  I’ve set up a Construction Class, Small Engines Class, and most recently a Welding Class.  I was able to do all this with the generosity of some special tool companies including Ridgid, JET, and Lincoln Electric.

These classes give the high school kids opportunities to learn trades and get the needed experience to jump into careers right after high school.  We’ve talked to local construction companies and enlisted their support as well.  

Trade Life is the newest program we’ve created.  It’s goal is to help these kids get and keep jobs for 1-3 years after graduating high school.  Through weekly mentoring, financial mentoring, securing and subsidizing apartments, and keeping these kids involved in the community, Trade Life is the way to keep these kids thriving after they turn 18 and lose all federal or state funding.

The more donations we get for Boys Town, the more career options we give these kids to learn and work towards.  



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